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Ula Slides Race 2017 Update

Ula Slides Race 2017 Update

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Due to the current water conditions, we have going to move the Ula Slides Race to the Upper Sjoa River. On a rapid known locally as Griningdals Rapid.

Race Info:
The race format will be the same, a single run for all, and the top 10 fastest will go for a second run. The fastest combined total of the runs will be the winner. We’ll have a race briefing for 1600 on Friday afternoon at the start of the race course.

See footage of the top slide from Martin Vollen and the Second Slide:

This part of the Upper Sjoa flows out of Nedre Sjodalsvatnet with the Griningdalen Rapid soon after the month of the river. The location is Gamle Griningdalsvegen, 2683 Tessanden from Google Maps.

The Gamle Griningdalsvegen road that approaches the bridge below the Griningdals Rapid is a single track forest trail. Parking is VERY LIMITED. Therefore PLEASE PARK ON THE NORTHERN LAKE SHORE OF NEDRE SJODALSVATNET and paddle 200m of Sjoa to the top of the Race Course down the Sjoa. See the turn off to the lake shore from Highway 51.

Safety Crew & Race Volunteers:
The Griningdals Rapid is a new race course, and as such, we’ll have a heightened level of security on the race section. As such we would like to request 6 paddler’s act as safety crew. In addition, we’ll be looking for help from 2-3 people with the race organisation, at the start and finish for both Friday and Saturday evening. Please PM Simon Westgarth.

Sweet Rumble Ranking:
The standing from this time trail race is used for the Sweet Rumble BoaterX on Åmot Saturday late afternoon. If you are unwilling to race on the Griningdals Rapid, we’ll plan for wildcard places and/or pre-heats for late entries. Be at the start eddy for 16:30 on Saturday.