Tag: Sjoa River Festival 2020 Update 12th June 2020

Sjoa River Festival 2020 Update 12th June 2020 – #sjoasummer2020

Sjoa River Festival 2020 Update 12th June 2020 – #sjoasummer2020

Sjoa River Festival 2020 Update 12th June 2020 – #sjoasummer2020
After consulting with the Sel Kommune public health advisors regarding events in 2020 and the current global pandemic, we have decided to NOT run the Sjoa River Festival this year in the traditional format. Whilst this is extremely disappointing, we can still go paddling, with Sjoa and the surround rivers in great form presently, plus a brilliant snowpack in the mountains to ensure the possibility of a good year with water levels.

We’ll all be on the Sjoa River enjoying these fine flows all summer long. Therefore from now until week 34, 24th August we are running 5 on going competitions. These are all about getting out on the water, celebrating kayaking on Sjoa, in spite of there being no festival. We have something for the racers of course, BUT everything else is for everyone else.

See below for the 5 competitions/challenges with prizes

1. Sjoa Normal Race Challenge, see https://www.strava.com/segments/24349744

2. Åmot Race Challenge, see https://www.strava.com/segments/15863196

3. Best image on Sjoa. Any kayaking image taken this summer from anywhere on Sjoa. This image should typify what paddling on Sjoa is for you. Tag on Sjoa River Festival Page with #sjoasummershot2020

4. Best Line on Åmot. Taken as a single shot POV or a single shot using normal camera, of a line on a single rapid of Åmot. Tag on Sjoa River Festival Page with #sjoasummeraamot2020

5. Saying Goodbye to Otta. The new hydro project has already come into operation, yet the current snow pack levels means we still have flow on this classic Class II (III) section. We invite you to go and enjoy this run again, and tag your images or video with #byebyeotta

We hope to see you on the river this summer. Strie Strømmer are open with a full range of kayaking toys, and Gene17Kayaking have a full range of clinics and courses for improvers, immediate and advanced paddlers, during this summer in Sjoa, see https://gene17kayaking.com/kayaking-courses/norway-short-courses/

See you on the river this summer, #sjoasummer2020