Registration Guides and volunteers

Registration Guides and volunteers

Sjoa River Festival 2024

Important notice:
Paddlers registered for the junior event does not have to register here


Terms and conditions


As a condition for my participation in Sjoa River Festival (the Event), I agree to the following:

Risk & Readiness to compete
I will participate in the Event in Sjoa. I will be present in Sjoa leading into the Event to become familiar with the relevant conditions and event site. I hereby confirm that I’m aware of the risk involved, for others and me. I assume all risk of injury from my participation in the Event.

I declare that I am bound to follow the safety rules given by the organiser, in addition, I will use my best judgment and care for my own and others safety.

1. I will respect and follow the given safety rules
2. I will use a helmet & PFD, which is the minimum of safety equipment
3. I will not do anything that involve risk to myself or others
4. I am not under influence by alcohol, using drugs or other illegal substances
5. I will at all times follow the rules and recommendations given by the organizer
6. I understand that it’s my duty to have a valid insurance or license program
Furthermore, if I do not follow the given rules or recommendations, or in any way do not conduct myself according to the standards given by the organiser, I acknowledge the risk of immediate disqualification.

Right of Sjoa Kajakk Camp AS
I hereby grant to the organizer of the Sjoa River Festival; Sjoa Kajakk Camp AS, the irrevocable right, license and privilege to photograph, record, reproduce, represent, exhibit, televise and transmit my name, likeness, photograph, moving picture and voice throughout the world in any media, now or hereafter, known or devised, for any use except direct product or service endorsement. I acknowledge that Sjoa Kajakk Camp AS is the exclusive owner of the rights and that I am not entitled to any compensation for the use.

I hereby agree that the laws of Norway shall govern any claim, without regards to conflicts of law principles. All disputes arising shall be heard exclusively in the courts of Norway.

I hereby confirm that I have received and understood the above-mentioned information.

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