RACE UPDATE Discgolf &Kayak teamrace

RACE UPDATE Discgolf &Kayak teamrace

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-Teams of two. Meet up at Strie Strømmer and pick up (or print) scoresheet for the discgolf

-You are free to do the discgolf any time before 17:00 on Thursday.

-This is a gentle(wo)mans sport. Teams will note their own score. Cheating will be awarded with a grinding guilty conscience.

-Each team can do three rounds, and the best round will count (Team combined)

-The maximum throws added to the handicap will be 5 pr. hole, making the max number 45. pr player (90 pr team)

Handicap pr. throw is 15 seconds
1. Place DG has a score of 50 and starts first
2. Place DG has score of 52 and starts kayaking 30 seconds after number 1
Teams with identical DG score will start kayaking simultaniously.

Scoresheets must be handed in at Strie Strømmer before 17:00, so we can calculate the starting order for the kayaking.


Meet at Harlaug bridge 18.00

Kayaking will start from the eddy on river right downstream of Harlaug bridge in the calculated starting order.
Classes starting order:

1. Kids
2. Mix
3. Women
4. Men

Teams must stay close for the trip and be safety for other teams if needed.
Finish is when the team passes the shed at Øytun.

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