Sjoa River Festival 2024 Registration Update

Sjoa River Festival 2024 Registration Update

As the festival, the times, and the crowd attending has evolved. In that there are many more paddlers in the valley around the Festival, and yet we see less and less registrations. We have decided to make some changes, to better accommodate what the paddlers in Sjoa during the festival seek:

After all Week 28 in Sjoa is a gathering point, to hang out with friends around the bonfire, paddle, and have a good time without to much on the schedule.
We have decided to move away from the fixed festival fee, to a pay for what you use approach.
This will be:

Camping in the festival camp – 100 NOK pr person/night Under 16 pay 50 NOK (Register and pay at Strie Strømmer)

Camping at Weistad – 150 NOK pr person/night Under 16 pay 75 NOK (Register and pay at Weistad og Banken Bryggeri og Spiseri. Limited availability)

Guided trips – 150 NOK pr. person. Sign up TBA with an online solution.

Strie Strømmer Whitewater Disc Golf Combo Team Race. 100 NOK pr. team of 2.
Register team through this form

Åmot BoaterX – 200 NOK pr. paddler
Register through this form.

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