Gene17Kayaking Clinics at the Sjoa River Festival 2022

Gene17Kayaking Clinics at the Sjoa River Festival 2022

Sjoa River Festival Cohost & Organiser Simon Westgarth has a small performance coaching venture, Gene17Kayaking. Operating for 20 years across Europe, with spring in Slovenia on the Soča River, steep creeking for May in Valsesia Italy and then all summer long on the Sjoa, they offer a full programme for all levels of paddler.

During the festival, Gene17Kayaking hosts the Ula Slides Race as well as a range of coaching clinics for both festival goes and locals too. The coaches on hand are Simon Westgarth & Beth Morgan. Take a look below to see if there’s something for you….

This festival’s programme:
Wednesday – Sjoa Åseng Class III/IV – Advanced WW Tactics & Technique
Thursday – Sjoa Normal III/III+ – Intermediate WW  Technique
Friday – Otta Class II/III – Beginner WW Tactics & Technique
Saturday – Sjoa Normal III/III+ – Half Slice Fun & Playboating
Saturday – Sjoa Normal III/III+ – Intermediate WW Technique

Head over to Gene17Kayaking Clinics for online booking & payment details. If you want something different from the above, let us know contact Gene17Kayaking for questions and requests.

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