Party venue upgraded

Party venue upgraded

This winter we’ve been working a lot to turn the bank you were introduced to last year into a permanent pub/restaurant. We opened it last saturday and are happy to welcome you here for the social events during the festival.
Banken Bryggeri & Spiseri will be open from 13.00-22.00 everyday, with extended hours Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The kitchen is serving food until 21.00.

Program for the festival at Banken:

13.00-22.00 Regular hours
13.00-21.00 Kitchen is open.
20.00 – 02.00. Meet and Greet with all the people you haven’t seen since last year, the bar will be open, and the music playing. For those who missing the Pimp´n´ho, you are of course free to dress up to your own preference!
13.00-21.00 Kitchen is open
19.00 The annual Strie Strømmer BBQ on the terrace
13.00-21.00 Kitchen is open.
22.00 – Movie night
13.00-21.00 Kitchen is open
20.00 Sweet Protection BBQ and party with live music
13.00-22.00 – regular hours


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