Your Invitation to the Sjoa River Festival 2019

Your Invitation to the Sjoa River Festival 2019


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June 2019
Your Invitation to the SRF 2019


It’s time to get ready for the 23rd Sjoa River Festival! The festival brings together kayakers from all over the world and of all abilities to enjoy the white water gems around the Sjoa valley.

Hosting the event, Strie Strømmer along with Gene17kayaking have put together an action packed programme full of guided river trips, clinics and world-class level competitions. Without forgetting off-the water parties, BBQs and outdoor movie action. PLUS the big news this year is our Junior programme…




Sjoa River Festival & Planet River welcomes girls and boys from the ages of 5 to 12 years. Two half days of introductory fun of the popular river sports of kayaking, rafting and river-boarding. No previous experience is required.

Planet River will ensure that professional & experienced river peoples are on site to ensure a safe and fun learning environment. Participants will be encouraged to enjoy the activities at their own pace with nothing being compulsory except when it comes to safety.

The majority of the 2 days will be on flat & calm waters. If river levels are low enough we will have some of the 2nd day of competitions in the grade 1 channel that flows past Sjoa Rafting camp.

All river equipment will be included (wetsuit, lifejacket & helmet) although you are welcome to bring & use your own.Please bring thermal or wool underwear, socks and running shoes.

Sjoa Rafting has ample parking, ablutions and changing room facilities. Planet River encourages parents to be available to help with their kids getting changed in/out of river gear, for hugs, encouragement and the wiping away of the odd tear.

Diplomas of attendance for all participants and prizes for different categories of winners and attendees are up for grabs. Please contact/e-mail Rob at with any questions or if wanting to volunteer help over the 2 days.

DATES : Thursday 11 & Friday 12 July
TIMES : 09h00 – 13h00
LOCATION : Sjoa Rafting
AGES : 5 to 12

DAY 1 : Learning/Basic Skills/Coaching/Games in flat water with kayaks, river-boards & rafts.
09h00 : Introduction to Rivers & Boats + Safety Talk
09h30 : Change into river gear / Parents Brief / Teams
10h00 : Learning & Playing raft / kayak / river-board
12h30 – Snacks/Fruit/Juice
13h00 – See you tomorrow

DAY 2 – Competition Day – Events on flat water pond, and in the channel past Sjoa Rafting (water level dependant)
09h00 : Rules/Program/Teams/Bibs/Change into river gear
10h00 : Raft Race
10H45 : River-board Race
11h15 : Kayak Race (flat water)
12h00 : River race (easy rapids, any boat).
12H45 : Lompe/Pølser & Prize giving
13h00 – Finish


In Heidal we’ve been bring paddlers together for a few decades now, yes 23 years of summer fun.  The event has changed a lot over this time, but one thing is for certain, it’s always in the calendar for many paddlers.  We host both guided trips and competitions, plus a mellow social scene with lots of paddling, and a few parties too.  Something for everyone from your weekend Class II cruiser to the competitive hard charger.
Registration is open, so why not join us in Sjoa this summer?



Guided Trips in the Day time
Gene17 Clinics in the Day time
18.00 Sjoa River Guide Raft Race, organised by local raft guides.
22:00 PimpnHo Party at the Bank in Bjølstadmo next to Strie Strømmer

Guided Trips in the Day time
09:00 Sjoa River Festival Juniors with Planet River
17.00 Strie Strømmer Åsengjuvet Team Race, meet Strie Strømmer at 16.00.
19.00 Strie Strømmer BBQ at the Bank in Bjølstadmo next to Strie Strømmer

Guided Trips in the Day time
09:00 Sjoa River Festival Juniors with Planet River
18.00 Gene17 Ula Slides Race on Ula slides
22.00 Movie Night at the Bank in Bjølstadmo next to Strie Strømmer

Guided Trips in the Day time
Gene17 Clinics in the Day time
17.00 Sweet Rumble Finals on Åmot Canyon
20.00 Sweet Protection BBQ at the Bank in Bjølstadmo next to Strie Strømmer
20.30 Palm Throwbag Olympics at Strie Strømmer
21.00 Saturday Night Party at the Bank in Bjølstadmo next to Strie Strømmer

Sunday fun day, go paddle, pack up and head home.


Åsengjuvet Team Race on Thursday evening.
The Gene17 Ula Extreme Race, a sprint down the famed Ula slides finishing at a waterfall is Friday’s fun.
Sweet Protection invites you to a knock out fight on the river! We celebrate the Sweet Rumble with a fierce yet fun competition. It’ll be great to watch, and even better to race on. Fight Club in a kayak on Saturday.


And on Saturday evening we’ll have the Palm Throwbag Olympics at Strie Strømmer.



We’ll run a range of paddling clinics and kayak lessons at the Sjoa River Festival. Sign up at the Strie Strømmer notice board for the Steep Creeking Technique & White Water Skills throughout the Festival, with Gene17kayaking’s leading coaches and instructors to show you the way, and share their lines with you.
The Gene17 Clinics will be on a host of local runs, with the likes of Jakub Sedivy from Czech and Simon Westgarth from England amongst others leading these trips which are again scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday during the festival



For us the Sjoa River Festival is the summer celebration of paddling in Norway, and we like a party every now and then. The now legendary midweek Pimp ‘n’ Ho Party will take place as usual on Wednesday, get your outfit ready for a crazy night out!
On Saturday we party at the Bank starting with the Sweet BBQ and prizing giving to set the evening off. Plus this year we’re have a band to get you all dancing through the night.


9/14 July 2019 – Sjoa, Heidal, Norway

See you on the river.

Simon Westgarth


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